Good day…

Black and white. It’s as straightforward as that. Life is. Long and short. Happy and sad. Beautiful and ugly. Good and bad. Like my days are. Bad days are when I pray that night takes over swiftly, because then I know a new day is just a sleep away. Hoping it will be better.

Beautiful day Pixabay
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Of course, there are good days, albeit few and far between. And today is one of them. The energy is positive, the attitude somewhat upbeat, and best of all, the SMILE IS REAL, as if a mystical being rubbed the right side of the magic lamp. And inspite of my best effort to stretch the day to its longest, as I cling steadfastly to the moment and devour each joyful minute of this blessed day, night does come, leaving me guessing what tomorrow would be like.

Another good day, I hope.



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