Stage Fright

Speaking before an audience is a pretty scary thought for me. My self-confidence is nowhere near the likes of public speakers or business executives who conduct convincing presentations to their corporate clients, commanding attention to a 30-minute spiel¬†as if the world’s salvation rested on it. The search for the right words, the use of the appropriate tone – forceful, yet not overpowering – the correct posture, the facial expression, the proper attire. the attitude, the aura you radiate. It’s a pretty daunting task to package yourself up so that you are able to deliver a speech that will line you up for another promotion.


While I shunned it with all my might, public speaking was actually an unavoidable part of my job in my previous life. ¬†Because of my background in market research, my job took me to face-to-face meetings with the higher echelons of major companies of the business world. It was never easy standing in front of a crowd of learned people, whose job it is to slice and dice survey results and challenge the researcher’s inferences. But as has oft been said, You gotta do what you gotta do.

I survived those years.

[All images by pixabay]


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