Surviving Mother’s Day

Image by pixabay

I have stopped browsing Facebook for today tonly. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Mother’s Day. And I’m happy that people are celebrating and honoring mothers all around the world. 

Social media is flooded with greetings to moms from classmates, coworkers, family. They may be one-liner wishes, or a post with the whole shebang – flowers, balloons, fireworks, with sound bytes and animations.

Of course, I have received my share of such salutations. And to preserve my sanity, I am signing off early.

Not because I don’t appreciate the greetings, especially since I don’t doubt that most are truly heartfelt ones, those from close friends and family.

But nothing is more meaningful to me than one coming from my own daughter. And I know I may be be waiting for nothing. And not hearing from her creates such a contrast to the cheerful notes painted all throughout social media. 

I can’t be unreasonable. She is three hundred miles away on a month-long yoga course. And she’s not one to get into mainstream just for the sake of conforming. And that’s ok by me. I know she loves me, mother’s day or not.




She texted this afternoon. In the middle of homework, she found time to viber and send her love. Ain’t I lucky!


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