When loud is normal


Image by pixabay

My husband still believes his hearing is normal. And that everybody else is just munching on their words when they speak, so it’s their fault that he has a heck of a difficult time understanding what it is they’re trying to say.

He is also a potato couch, so he spends most of the day watching news, movies, Andrew Zimmern, The American Picker with the TV volume at an eardrum-breaking high. And that’s normal.

I guess I should already know how to deal with it, having seen my mom handle my dad’s deteriorating hearing loss. But you’re never really ready for anything until it’s actually happening to you.

And as the hearing becomes harder, so does the tension.

Patience. Meditation. Patience. Ear plugs. Patience. Distance. Patience.

And I love the guy, what else can I say.


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