Sad Day for Many Reasons


Not a good day today. It’s quite heart breaking to listen to the news, and all you can do is shake your head. 

Too many dead, too young to be gone. They just wanted to have fun, watch their idol Ariana Grande sing and dance for them. That would be the last they would see, before their lives are claimed by an alleged suicide bomber.

Back in my country, the extremist rebel groups in the southern part of the Philippines have stepped up their violent attacks against the government, endangering the lives of the civilian population. Martial law has just been declared in the region of Mindanao. Fear grips the innocent.

In our local community, one of the pioneering supporters of human rights just met a brutal death in the hands of a still unnamed assassin. The message was loud. Those who dare speak up for the oppressed will be silenced. Forever. 

My daughter messaged me today. She’s down with a stomach bug. Severe headache. Throwing up. Energy drained. It has happened before. And we both know it will take a couple days to feel relief. Lord, please help her.

What can I do to hold on and keep myself together? Sometimes, the tears just don’t want to flow. And I feel the nerves helplessly quivering inside of me, like a roaring train rattling the walls of its cars and threatening to derail from its tracks.

As I spend moments in meditation, I will say a fervent prayer and find strength believing that everything happens for a reason. And that the reasons for all that is happening now will come to light soon. And trust that there is justice and comfort for those who are broken.   


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