It is a very good feeling to be able to share my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences and life’s learnings with readers of this blog. While this serves as an outlet for my passion for writing, my hope is that it will provoke humor, warmth and inspiration to those who pass by.

For someone who has been traveling on this earth for sixty-plus years, there is a lot to share. I have been through a failed marriage, with one adult daughter, and currently on my 28th year of my second marriage. I have journeyed to many parts of the world, either as part of my previous jobs or as a leisurely vacation.

For me, however, sharing does not come that easily. Unless it comes from the heart. And when the heart shuts its chambers, writing becomes utterly difficult such that it’s easier to wring a towel, that has just come out of the dryer, for one more drop of moisture.

Thus, the birth of heart snippets.

“There’s a lot to be said about life, but when it comes from the heart, the words come only when the time is right.”


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